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Urban Spelunking

The tight, dark space was inviting despite the vague aura of mystery, bordering on danger, that bled forth. Moist, hot, air carried the hint of an aroma that confounded description. Why was I consider…
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Let’s be honest; when I said I was going to spend a month or two sitting still in a boat, writing, reflecting, and planning for my future, we all knew I was full of shit. I’m far too easil…
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Kyoto v. Edinburgh Throwdown

Remember when I was in Edinburgh and I fucking loved Edinburgh? I think that was the first place I’ve been to that, while still a functioning city, really seemed to bring its history alive. The¬…
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Wait, Japan Again?

The start of this¬†post is going to make you want to punch me, but work through the anger and I’ll try to redeem myself, fair?

27 Days at Sea

Crossing the Pacific on a 46′ sailboat

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The Zombies of Rum Cay

Sailing into the post-apocalypse

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I Left My Heart on Rangiroa Atoll

Falling in love with geography and waitresses

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Road Life

Thoughts on the life of an itinerant miscreant

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I’m Russ, a 38 year-old Canadian sailor and storyteller.  I quit a suit-and-tie job in early 2016 to travel the world.  Without a mortgage or kids to keep me in line, I wasn’t sure why I was waking up every day and putting on pants and shoes.  

I’m a simple guy – I like boats and trains and beers and maps – and I’m not chasing anything while I travel.  I usually don’t know where I’ll be in a week, and that’s just the way I like it.  

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My travels to date have led me down through Mexico to Panama, then across the Pacific on a small boat and onward to Tahiti.  From there I flew to Japan (for three amazing months) and then to Thailand.  

Earlier this year I sailed from Miami to Puerto Rico on a 44′ boat with a crazy crew, then I flew to Dublin, hopped over to Edinburgh, and from there took trains all the way to Shanghai (15,000 km!). ¬†From there I returned to Japan to live on a sailboat and write…

The last time I had internet access I was in...